Tips for Getting Your F1 Student Visa Approved

One of the major steps involved to becoming an international students is to obtain your F1 visa. An F1 Student Visa is what most international students who study at a college or university obtain when they come to the United States.

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During your visa interview, the consulate will be trying to confirm that you meet three requirements: foreign residence and times to home country, eligible sponsoring institution, and financial support. It’s important to know what they expect of you in order to become an international student, that way you are as well positioned as possible to pass your F1 visa interview.

Foreign Residence and Ties to Home
The first requirement that you will need to meet is confirm that you have foreign residence. You might be wondering how you can prove that you do have ties in your home country, here are just a few ways:
1. Job offer letter
2. Proof of assets
3. Bank account information
4. Family

Along with showing proof of ties, keep in mind that it’s OK to get personal and give the consulate as much information as possible on your ties to home. This means let them know why you want to become to an international student and exactly what you will do once you return to your home country. Although graduation is years away and it might be difficult to nail down exactly what you want to do once you have your degree- you must have an answer to this question which means you need to make the decision as early as possible.

     Foreign Residence and Ties to Home Sample Questions:
Where do you want to work once you graduate?
How often will you visit home during your studies?
Do you have any relatives inside the US?
Do you have a significant other located in the US?
You’re currently employed, why do you want to leave your job?

Eligible Sponsoring Institution
Before you’re issued your F1 visa, you must be given an I-20 by your host school. This might seem like a simple task, but an I-20 can’t be issued by every school- it must be an eligible institution.

If you’re not able to find your school on the list of eligible schools you can contact your school for confirmation on if they are approved to issue an I-20. Your school’s Designated School Official (DSO) will also be able to assist you with any questions you have on the process of coming to the US as an international student. Your DSO is recognized by USCIS and the US State Department, they can assist you with any pressing matters you might have during your transition. If you still need to find a school in the US to attend you can start your search here.

     Eligible Sponsoring Institution Sample Questions:
What school will you be attending?
Why do you want to attend this school- name specific reasons.
What degree are you pursuing?
Why did you choose to study in the US vs. any other country?
Do you know about the city in which your school is located- share details if so.

Financial Support
Being able to show that you have financial support for your entire educational inside the US is difficult for many international students. Turning to international student loans are sometimes a must when there isn’t another source of funding. While loans are good to fill the remaining gaps (after family funds and scholarships have been utilized), they can still sometimes be difficult to use as proof of funds. This can be a tough situation since you must be enrolled in a school in order to finalize the loan, but you must often show proof of funds to receive your I-20. Our tip that might just work when you’re caught in this sticky situation: use your initial loan approval as proof of funds- if your school will allow you to.

     Possible Financial Support Interview Questions:
What is the occupation and monthly income of your parents?
Do you have any loans?
What is the annual cost of your school?
How will you pay for each year of school?
Can we see your bank statements?

Remember to be as prepared as possible, be polite and never become rude or angry toward the consulate. Good luck!

For a list of additional sample questions for F-1 Student Visa Interview click here.

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Campus Life at Shorter University

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Shorter University is ranked one of the safest campuses in Georgia! We offer 24/7 campus security, and our campus is a quiet environment conducive for studying but also boasting in student activities.

Residence Halls

su dorm room

There are a number of different options for housing at Shorter. All residence halls are located close to the center of campus, which makes for a convenient walk to class.

A complete list of residence halls, floor plans, and photos can be found here

All residence halls are secured with security doors with locks. Each room has individual heating and air-conditioning units. Local phone service, which includes voice mail and toll-free calling to the Atlanta area, is also included. Basic cable hook-up and internet access are provided in each room.  Each room contains a twin size bed, desk, and dresser (with the exception of Roberts). Most of the beds can be bunked.

Campus Life

Welcome Back Bash

At Shorter, we offer a broad range of activities designed to help you grow intellectually and spiritually, develop as a leader, and just have fun.

Campus life is vibrant at Shorter University. Getting involved and meeting other students is easy, thanks to our student organizations and intramural teams. And you’ll find the Shorter Hawk spirit alive and well in our program of intercollegiate athletics, our marching band and Greek life. Students can become involved with any number of student actives and organizations which include student government, Miss Shorter Pageant, Shorter orientation staff, art club, dance team, and more.

Our campus boasts a campus Starbucks and grill, bookstore, new wellness center, shuttle services, post office, full-service cafeteria, and more.

Perhaps one of Shorter’s most important student resources is our student assistance services. Students have access to counseling, tutoring, career center, student support services, and much more at no cost.

Click here for a complete list of campus amenities, activities, and student services. 

Student Organizations

SU friends hugging

There really is something for everyone at Shorter. With over 35 student organizations, 21 athletic teams, intramural events like dodgeball and basketball tournaments, and theater productions, there is always something fun and interesting happening at Shorter.

While classroom instruction is important, Shorter offers dozens of extracurricular activities, groups, and resources that help you explore the boundaries beyond the books.

Click here for more information. 

Founded in 1873, Shorter University is a Christ-centered, four-year liberal arts university committed to excellence in education. U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review annually include Shorter on their lists of best Southeastern Colleges. The university offers traditional bachelor’s degrees in 40 areas of study, online courses and degree programs, undergraduate programs for working adults, associate’s, and master’s programs.


Shorter’s Own Invited to Conduct Honor Band

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This past weekend our own Dr. Duane Warfield, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Bands at Shorter University, was invited to conduct the Symphonic Band for Bandtastic 2018.

Bandtastic is an honor band hosted by the Joyful Noise Band in Marietta, GA. Students hailed from Athens Area Home School Band, Christian Fine Arts of Forsyth, Joyful Noise, Joyful Noise-Rome, North Georgia Home School Band and Chorus, and Summit Academy. Thirty-seven students participated in the Symphonic Band, and the Concert Band, direct by Mr. Justin Burke, band director at Sonoraville High School, boasted 29 students.

The honor band was held at Sandy Plains Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. The day commenced Saturday at 9:00am. Dr. Warfiield joined other musicians and band directors in working with the students throughout the day to prepare for the final concert that was held at 3:00pm at Sandy Plains Baptist Church.

The Symphonic Band performed:
City of Glass and Steel – David Bobrowitz
Nettleton – Arr. Johnnie Vinson
Blue Ridge Reel – Brian Balmages
Rough-Riders – Karl King Arr. James Swearingen


Study at Shorter University, one of the ‘Best in the Southeast’

Since its establishment in 1873, Shorter University has committed itself to offering high quality education to students through academic excellence, spiritual growth, Christian leadership and global service. This private, liberal arts institution is located in Rome, Georgia – a short one-hour drive from the teeming metropolis of Atlanta. Steeped in American history, the city of Rome, Georgia exudes Southern hospitality and natural beauty as it sits amongst seven magnificent hills and three convergent rivers.

Read on to find out more about what Shorter University offers international students…


Ranked One of the Best Universities in the Region

The prestigious Princeton Review has ranked Shorter University in the “Best in the Southeast” category of its publication, and the renowned US News and World Report ranked the institution as one of the Best Regional Colleges in the South. These accolades come as no surprise with the university’s appealing student/faculty ratio of 10:1, ensuring you receive personal attention and support by faculty members. Not to mention the fact that many of the university’s professors possess doctorate degrees from distinguished academic institutions such as Harvard University, Cornell University and the University of Virginia among many others. The standard of education is high and the tight-knit local community supports and encourages all its residents to make the most of what the town has to offer socially and culturally.


Enjoy One of the Safest College Campuses in Georgia

Shorter University prides itself in being one of the safest campuses in the great state of Georgia. The college holds a deep sense of responsibility for the security of all its students and works to ensure that you are protected and on a campus safeguarded from harm.  The Department of Campus Safety ensures that all security officers are trained in first aid and CPR, and that they are patrolling the campus at all times of the day and night. Campus security monitors vehicles that go on and off campus, checks suspicious persons and activity, and also enforces college regulations and safety procedures for the betterment of student life.


Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Shorter University’s philosophy is that learning is had both within and outside the traditional classroom setting. The university provides activities and events for all students, no matter where your interests lie. There are over 35 student organisations, 21 athletic teams, intramural sport events and numerous theatre productions for students to participate in outside of class. You can choose to join fraternities, sororities, the Shorter University International Society or Student Government Associations to name just a few extracurricular activities offered on campus. These experiences outside of the normal academic schedule encourage students to pursue their other interests, and nurture new friendships at Shorter University.


Furthering Your Professional and Academic Opportunities

International students can take advantage of the numerous undergraduate and graduate level internship opportunities provided by Shorter University, to gain real-life work experience prior to beginning your professional career. The university helps accommodate internships with private organisations, consulting projects, service-oriented enterprises and also, local, state and federal government departments.

A higher education degree from Shorter University enables you to avail bigger and better opportunities in your future. Graduates from the institution boast an 86% acceptance rate into medical schools, 91% in pharmacy school and 86% in physical therapy and physician assistant programs. Many Shorter University graduates are also accepted into Masters and Ph.D. programs in Division 1 schools such as Auburn University and Louisiana State University. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to enroll in Shorter University’s MBA or Master’s in Management program, the program is designed to be completed in only three academic semesters, with no GRE or GMAT required!

Career Services are also always on hand to assist overseas students with finding internships, choosing a major, creating a resume, practicing interview skills and career planning.


If you are interested in studying at Shorter University’s beautiful hilltop campus, check out its undergraduate and postgraduate profiles on SchoolApply and submit your application right away!

Article provided by School Apply. 


Article provided by School Apply

Shorter University is a private, Christian, liberal arts school located in Georgia, USA. They offer small interactive classes, a diverse community and academic programs that promote critical thinking and leadership skills. The Shorter community is like family and places a strong emphasis in providing personal and academic support.

SchoolApply got in touch with Shorter University alumnus, Anne Mugisha Martin, who graduated 10 years ago to ask about her time at the university. Since then, she’s gone on to do bigger and better things, but she had her start at Shorter. Anne shares her fond memories of a school that became her home away from home.


Location: Rome, Georgia (USA)


Student Name: Anne Mugisha Martin

Age: 34

From: Kigali, Rwanda

Graduated: May 2006

You informed us that you are originally from Rwanda, but primarily studied in Uganda – can you tell us a little bit about your school experiences before university?

Prior to Shorter University, I attended all-girls boarding schools in Uganda. The first school I attended was when I was when I was six years old. It was a Catholic school named St. Theresa Namagunga and I studied there for seven years. After I graduated from St. Theresa I went to another Catholic school called Trinity College Nabbingo for four years and followed that with two years at St. Joseph’s Nsambya.

Why did you want to study in the United States and why did you choose Shorter University?

I am one of nine children and growing up our father always had a saying – “the best investment a parent can give a child is education”. My father believed that the US had the best schools in the world and he wanted the very best for his children. We first heard about Shorter University from my father’s friend; he told us a little about the school and their scholarship programs. We researched the school further and I decided to send in an application.

What degree did you pursue at Shorter University and why?  

My major degree was in Accounting with a minor in Economics. I chose these subjects because I was always good with numbers and enjoyed the logical nature of accounting.

Moving so far away from home can be difficult. Did you have any problems adjusting to life in Rome, Georgia and Shorter University?

Other than the some cultural differences, no – I did not have a very hard time transitioning into university and the US. I was picked up from the airport by Libby Grimes, who at the time was my Resident Advisor. She was very nice to me and welcomed me to the United States. She showed me around the university and her door was always open whenever I had a question or needed anything.


What was your experience as an international student at Shorter University? Who or what stands out as the most memorable?

There are two very important people who shaped my life at Shorter University: Nurse Mary Smith – whom I consider as a second mother – and Dr. Robert Darville, my advisor and Accounting professor.

In 2005, I underwent brain/spinal surgery in the US while my family was thousands of miles away. Nurse Mary, who is in no way related to me, brought me into her home and nursed me back to health. She was there for me through all my doctor’s visits and my rehab sessions. I lived with Nurse Mary and her husband, Earnie, and her two sons, Andrew and Patrick, for over two months while recovering from my procedure. They always made sure I was well taken care of and had everything I needed to regain my health.

Dr. Darville was always there for me, not just academically but also with my personal life. When one of my friends died, he would often call and check on me, letting me know he was there if I needed to talk to someone. He made sure that I knew I deserved the best and could excel in whatever I chose to do with my life.

I am forever grateful for these two angels.

The college experience in the US is about so much more than just academics. Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at Shorter University?

I was part of the international community on campus and we always looked out for each other. The group would organise shopping trips, airport rides and study sessions for the students. All in all, the international group was a very caring and helpful community.

How would you sum up your time at Shorter University?

Shorter University is an outstanding school with caring faculty members and a friendly community. I met a lot of students through my classes, residence hall, and at my job at the business computer lab at the university. The memories will last forever, the education and experience I received at Shorter is the reason why I’m a successful Lead Finance Analyst at General Electric now!

It is clear that the faculty and staff at Shorter University had an incredible impact on Anne’s student life, for which she will be forever grateful. The attention and concern that she received as a student and as an individual went above all expectations and it highlights one of the university’s most important qualities – the belief that every student matters.

Read more about Shorter and its campus here.

Article provided by School Apply.

Shorter University Boasts a 100% First-Time Submission Pass Rate on edTPA in All Education Programs

100% edtpa passrate

EdTPA Coordinator and Assistant Professor Julia Houston credits Shorter’s rigorous Christ-centered education programs and the hard work of Shorter’s teacher candidates and faculty for the outstanding success of the candidates on edTPA.



As requirements for earning a state teaching certificate in the state of Georgia become more rigorous for teacher candidates, Shorter teacher candidates are excelling in their field.  One such requirement is a performance-based portfolio, edTPA, that is submitted by candidates for national scoring during student teaching.


After two years of consequential implementation, all Shorter University student teachers submitting the edTPA portfolio have, on their initial submission, exceeded the passing scores set by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).

Shorter candidates complete this difficult task along with all the regular requirements for student teaching, often foregoing extra-curricular activities and sleep to meet deadlines. One candidate stated that “When you’re going through it, you feel like you’re dying… but you’ll be surprised how much it shapes you as an effective educator in the end.”   In 2017-2018, the state passing score increases; however, scores of all Shorter candidates for the past two academic years have exceeded the new higher passing score.

Founded in 1873, Shorter University is a Christ-centered, four-year liberal arts university committed to excellence in education. U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review annually include Shorter on their lists of best Southeastern Colleges. The university offers traditional bachelor’s degrees in 40 areas of study, online courses and degree programs, undergraduate programs for working adults, associate’s, and master’s programs.

5 Things to Look for in a University Campus

The university search/ decision process can be a tedious and overwhelming one; so we’ve created a list to help ease your mind, well with finding the perfect campus at least.

“Some of my fondest memories took place during my college years.”

Student Life. It sets the tone for the experience students will have during their four years attending university. Students should look for activities/ events offered by the university. Social media is a great way to see what “life is really like” on a campus.

“You got a friend in me.”

Welcome Back Bash

Community. It goes hand-in-hand with student life, but community will make or break your college experience. It’s important to look for a university that creates an environment where friendships are easy to form and difficult to lose.

“Dorm Sweet Dorm”


The Residence Halls/ Living Arrangements. It’s pretty obvious why this is important. This is the place a student will eat, sleep, and study throughout their college career. These dorms are where memories are made and life challenges are tackled. So it’s important to know what your options are.

“I think I could see myself here.”


Shorter College Admissions Campaign

Prospective Major Buildings/ Classrooms. Yet another place a student will spend a lot of time is in their respective major/degree buildings and classrooms. Knowing the amenities and space provided can help the student picture what his learning environment and experience will be like.

“Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.”

intl boys caf

Food. Students should know what options the university will provide them. Unlimited meals? On-campus restaurants? Late-night dining? The cafeteria/ eating places are often the life of the university. Students meet up during classes, at the beginning of their day, or late nights. So knowing the options and food you have to look forward to is essential.


Shorter Celebrates 144 Years!

2017 Oct 6 SU 144 years
Today – October 6, 2017 – marks the 144th anniversary of the first day of classes at what would become Shorter University.

So here are a few interesting facts from our history! (credit to 1980s-produced “Shorter Facts and Taller Tales” brochure.)

Established 1873!

1873- Shorter College was established by Rome Baptist Church. The original campus in downtown Rome was purchased for $7,500.


Tuition Paid with Hay

1874- tuition for the year cost students between $232 and $342. In fact, one father paid for one of his daughters to attend Shorter with hay. Unfortunately today, hay payment is not longer accepted.


We were a Women’s-Only College

We accepted only women until 1957. The first male student, James Sanders, graduated in 1953. Now 50% of our population is male.

women campus event

First in Music Program Accreditation

In the 1930s, Shorter became the first college in Georgia to have its music program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Our university has had more alumni win the Metropolitan Opera national council audition than any other small universities in the nation.


Dishwasher Sale!

in the 1950s, Shorter Alumnae Assosciation sold Spray-Matic dishwashers to raise funds for dorm refurbishment.



New International Lounge!

We are excited to open our new international lounge to our international students this Fall semester! This is a modern space where students can study, enjoy the company of friends, and relax.

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From all of us at International Programs and Shorter University, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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