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Shorter University is a private, Christian, liberal arts school located in Georgia, USA. They offer small interactive classes, a diverse community and academic programs that promote critical thinking and leadership skills. The Shorter community is like family and places a strong emphasis in providing personal and academic support.

SchoolApply got in touch with Shorter University alumnus, Anne Mugisha Martin, who graduated 10 years ago to ask about her time at the university. Since then, she’s gone on to do bigger and better things, but she had her start at Shorter. Anne shares her fond memories of a school that became her home away from home.


Location: Rome, Georgia (USA)


Student Name: Anne Mugisha Martin

Age: 34

From: Kigali, Rwanda

Graduated: May 2006

You informed us that you are originally from Rwanda, but primarily studied in Uganda – can you tell us a little bit about your school experiences before university?

Prior to Shorter University, I attended all-girls boarding schools in Uganda. The first school I attended was when I was when I was six years old. It was a Catholic school named St. Theresa Namagunga and I studied there for seven years. After I graduated from St. Theresa I went to another Catholic school called Trinity College Nabbingo for four years and followed that with two years at St. Joseph’s Nsambya.

Why did you want to study in the United States and why did you choose Shorter University?

I am one of nine children and growing up our father always had a saying – “the best investment a parent can give a child is education”. My father believed that the US had the best schools in the world and he wanted the very best for his children. We first heard about Shorter University from my father’s friend; he told us a little about the school and their scholarship programs. We researched the school further and I decided to send in an application.

What degree did you pursue at Shorter University and why?  

My major degree was in Accounting with a minor in Economics. I chose these subjects because I was always good with numbers and enjoyed the logical nature of accounting.

Moving so far away from home can be difficult. Did you have any problems adjusting to life in Rome, Georgia and Shorter University?

Other than the some cultural differences, no – I did not have a very hard time transitioning into university and the US. I was picked up from the airport by Libby Grimes, who at the time was my Resident Advisor. She was very nice to me and welcomed me to the United States. She showed me around the university and her door was always open whenever I had a question or needed anything.


What was your experience as an international student at Shorter University? Who or what stands out as the most memorable?

There are two very important people who shaped my life at Shorter University: Nurse Mary Smith – whom I consider as a second mother – and Dr. Robert Darville, my advisor and Accounting professor.

In 2005, I underwent brain/spinal surgery in the US while my family was thousands of miles away. Nurse Mary, who is in no way related to me, brought me into her home and nursed me back to health. She was there for me through all my doctor’s visits and my rehab sessions. I lived with Nurse Mary and her husband, Earnie, and her two sons, Andrew and Patrick, for over two months while recovering from my procedure. They always made sure I was well taken care of and had everything I needed to regain my health.

Dr. Darville was always there for me, not just academically but also with my personal life. When one of my friends died, he would often call and check on me, letting me know he was there if I needed to talk to someone. He made sure that I knew I deserved the best and could excel in whatever I chose to do with my life.

I am forever grateful for these two angels.

The college experience in the US is about so much more than just academics. Did you take part in any extracurricular activities at Shorter University?

I was part of the international community on campus and we always looked out for each other. The group would organise shopping trips, airport rides and study sessions for the students. All in all, the international group was a very caring and helpful community.

How would you sum up your time at Shorter University?

Shorter University is an outstanding school with caring faculty members and a friendly community. I met a lot of students through my classes, residence hall, and at my job at the business computer lab at the university. The memories will last forever, the education and experience I received at Shorter is the reason why I’m a successful Lead Finance Analyst at General Electric now!

It is clear that the faculty and staff at Shorter University had an incredible impact on Anne’s student life, for which she will be forever grateful. The attention and concern that she received as a student and as an individual went above all expectations and it highlights one of the university’s most important qualities – the belief that every student matters.

Read more about Shorter and its campus here.

Article provided by School Apply.


Shorter University Boasts a 100% First-Time Submission Pass Rate on edTPA in All Education Programs

100% edtpa passrate

EdTPA Coordinator and Assistant Professor Julia Houston credits Shorter’s rigorous Christ-centered education programs and the hard work of Shorter’s teacher candidates and faculty for the outstanding success of the candidates on edTPA.



As requirements for earning a state teaching certificate in the state of Georgia become more rigorous for teacher candidates, Shorter teacher candidates are excelling in their field.  One such requirement is a performance-based portfolio, edTPA, that is submitted by candidates for national scoring during student teaching.


After two years of consequential implementation, all Shorter University student teachers submitting the edTPA portfolio have, on their initial submission, exceeded the passing scores set by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).

Shorter candidates complete this difficult task along with all the regular requirements for student teaching, often foregoing extra-curricular activities and sleep to meet deadlines. One candidate stated that “When you’re going through it, you feel like you’re dying… but you’ll be surprised how much it shapes you as an effective educator in the end.”   In 2017-2018, the state passing score increases; however, scores of all Shorter candidates for the past two academic years have exceeded the new higher passing score.

Founded in 1873, Shorter University is a Christ-centered, four-year liberal arts university committed to excellence in education. U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review annually include Shorter on their lists of best Southeastern Colleges. The university offers traditional bachelor’s degrees in 40 areas of study, online courses and degree programs, undergraduate programs for working adults, associate’s, and master’s programs.

5 Things to Look for in a University Campus

The university search/ decision process can be a tedious and overwhelming one; so we’ve created a list to help ease your mind, well with finding the perfect campus at least.

“Some of my fondest memories took place during my college years.”

Student Life. It sets the tone for the experience students will have during their four years attending university. Students should look for activities/ events offered by the university. Social media is a great way to see what “life is really like” on a campus.

“You got a friend in me.”

Welcome Back Bash

Community. It goes hand-in-hand with student life, but community will make or break your college experience. It’s important to look for a university that creates an environment where friendships are easy to form and difficult to lose.

“Dorm Sweet Dorm”


The Residence Halls/ Living Arrangements. It’s pretty obvious why this is important. This is the place a student will eat, sleep, and study throughout their college career. These dorms are where memories are made and life challenges are tackled. So it’s important to know what your options are.

“I think I could see myself here.”


Shorter College Admissions Campaign

Prospective Major Buildings/ Classrooms. Yet another place a student will spend a lot of time is in their respective major/degree buildings and classrooms. Knowing the amenities and space provided can help the student picture what his learning environment and experience will be like.

“Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good.”

intl boys caf

Food. Students should know what options the university will provide them. Unlimited meals? On-campus restaurants? Late-night dining? The cafeteria/ eating places are often the life of the university. Students meet up during classes, at the beginning of their day, or late nights. So knowing the options and food you have to look forward to is essential.


Shorter Celebrates 144 Years!

2017 Oct 6 SU 144 years
Today – October 6, 2017 – marks the 144th anniversary of the first day of classes at what would become Shorter University.

So here are a few interesting facts from our history! (credit to 1980s-produced “Shorter Facts and Taller Tales” brochure.)

Established 1873!

1873- Shorter College was established by Rome Baptist Church. The original campus in downtown Rome was purchased for $7,500.


Tuition Paid with Hay

1874- tuition for the year cost students between $232 and $342. In fact, one father paid for one of his daughters to attend Shorter with hay. Unfortunately today, hay payment is not longer accepted.


We were a Women’s-Only College

We accepted only women until 1957. The first male student, James Sanders, graduated in 1953. Now 50% of our population is male.

women campus event

First in Music Program Accreditation

In the 1930s, Shorter became the first college in Georgia to have its music program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. Our university has had more alumni win the Metropolitan Opera national council audition than any other small universities in the nation.


Dishwasher Sale!

in the 1950s, Shorter Alumnae Assosciation sold Spray-Matic dishwashers to raise funds for dorm refurbishment.



New International Lounge!

We are excited to open our new international lounge to our international students this Fall semester! This is a modern space where students can study, enjoy the company of friends, and relax.

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From all of us at International Programs and Shorter University, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Shorter University Traditions: Making the Hill Home

Traditions are a sweet reminder of times past, especially when those traditions bring friends together, old and new alike. With its rich history, Shorter University has accrued many traditions that students enjoy every year.

Did your favorite SU tradition make our list?


Welcome Back Bash.jpg30606401861_d00406c6b0_o.jpgEach year homecoming is the event of the semester. Current students enjoy a wide array of activities hosted by many different organizations and sports teams throughout homecoming king and queen.jpghomecoming week. Shorter alumni are invited back to campus to reunite with classmates and faculty. Homecoming is celebrated throughout homecoming week, and most activities are held during homecoming weekend. Each year the student body selects a homecoming king and queen, and crowns the duo during halftime of the 15524502607_4629529094_o.jpghomecoming football game.

Secret Sophomore Sabots

One of the longest standing traditions at Shorter is the secret sophomore sabots. This is a group of sophomores that are secretly selected each year to carry on the honor/traditions of the previous classes. The society was formed in an effort to spread school spirit and encourage peers through decorating of campus (all while undercover). The class of 2017 was the 78th sabot class to serve Shorter’s campus. The sabots serve in secret until their big reveal at the end of the school year, where humorous pictures of the sabots decorate campus buildings revealing their sabot identities. Fun fact: the sophomore sabots were the group that first began dying Shorter’s fountains, and now the university frequently colors the fountains for special events.


Shorter kicks off the each school year with convocation to congratulate seniors for reaching their senior year and to welcome the incoming freshmen class. Administration address the student body and provide words of encouragement and motivation to ring in the new school year. This tradition is held in the WKC (Winthrop King Center) and followed by the entering of the gates.


The Gates “Enter to Learn” “Go Forth to Serve Christ”



Following convocation, the freshmen class is led to the front circle to enter the gates. Two gates frame Shorter’s front circle. One reads “Enter to Learn,” and the second reads “Go Forth to Serve Christ.” The gates are opened twice a year, once for the freshmen class to enter, and once for the senior class to “Go Forth.” This tradition provides a special environment where 33904834240_8603e355df_o.jpgprofessors stand and applaud their future students in welcome at the beginning of the year. Upon the end of the school year, professors line the “Go Forth” gate to congratulate students set to walk at graduation. This truly is a special tradition on the Hill.

Late Night Breakfast

This savory tradition has been feeding hungry college students for almost a decade. During finals week each semester, faculty and staff serve students traditional breakfast foods (biscuits, sausage, pancakes, grits, bacon, and more) at 11pm. (Yes, professors are actually seen outside of their classrooms and out late.) This is a perfect late night snack and study break for all preparing for their final exams. The caf comes alive on this weeknight with music, raffles, and, of course, the energy of the students and faculty.

Student Appreciation Day

Each semester student life puts together a day to celebrate our students in a special way. Yes, this means FREE things. Each student appreciation day is unique, but you’re always guaranteed food, goodies, games, and smiling faces. Each year new and creative things are incorporated to celebrate students and show them love.



Celebrate Shorter


We are excited to welcome a new tradition to the Hill! Celebrate Shorter celebrates the accomplishments of students throughout the school year by providing them the opportunity to share their research and work with their peers and professors. This event displays just a taste of the great students and research taking place on campus every year, and, of course, refreshments are included! The first Celebrate Shorter was actually hosted this past school year.



Small University = BIG Reward

Shorter College Admissions Campaign

Class Size

Smaller classes mean one-on-one relationships with professors. This allows for deeper instruction, and there’s not a line of people when you have a question about the subject matter. Most professors at small universities have an open-door policy, allowing students to come to them for out-of-class help. You are known by your professors as more than just a number, and that helps produce true success for each student.



Your classmates, professors, and other university staff become your family. They make your university your home away from home. When a problem arises, you have a community who knows you and cares to ensure that you are okay. Yes, this means if you miss a class your classmate, several classmates, or even your professor will be sending a call or message your way to ensure everything is alright.


Administration- You’re Not Just a Number

At a small university, it’s not uncommon for most of the student body to know the president and happen to have a conversation with him around campus weekly. The administration is not untouchable; they know and invest in their students, attending their athletic events or concerts. Now, that’s what I call family!

Intl- Ryan


A small university doesn’t lack in opportunities for students to be involved on their campus, in their community, and beyond. Students will often have more opportunities opened up to them to step into leadership positions earlier in their college career. This provides great experience!

Networking Connections

Small universities have their perks! Your professors and fellow students have connections that just may land you the job you were hoping for or the internship experience you need. Knowing people around your campus lends itself to those individuals helping you out any chance they can. Yes, this means when your professor hears that you need an internship they not only wish you luck, but they connect you with the people who already have connections you need, provide you with their connection list, and check in with you to see how the process is coming along.

It is a small world after all!



7 Things Every College Student in Rome, Georgia Should Add to Their Bucket List

Rome, Georgia is a quaint town full of charm and activities, and it just so happens to host college students from four different universities. With its historic flare, open air, and artsy vibe, Rome provides a home away from home for thousands of college students.


With that being said, here’s our list of 7 things that should make every college student’s Rome bucket list:

1. See the Arts

Downtown Rome is home to the city’s biggest arts destinations, including the Rome Symphony Orchestra (, one of the oldest in the southern United States.  The Rome Little Theatre ( presents a variety of dramatic, comedic and musical shows in the historic DeSoto building.

Rome also hosts several arts festivals and fairs annually; these include the Rome Shakespeare Festival, the Winter Art Market, and the Chiaha Harvest Fair, just to name a few.

There are a plethora of activities where college students can experience fine art while getting to meet local artisans.

2. Explore the Outdoors

Rome’s rivers are home to some of the best outdoor recreation Rome has to offer. You can catch Romans boating, kayaking, canoeing, floating, and paddle boarding down Rome’s three rivers (Paddle and Float Rome’s Rivers). Rome’s Big Float is hosted annually and provides river-goers the chance to compete for best float as they spend a day out on the water enjoying community, food, and live music.

Some of the area’s best fishing and hiking can be found within the 73 acres of land around the Coosa River. Myrtle Hill Cemetery makes our hiking list (and sledding list when we see enough snow).

Rome’s multiple parks provide a place where all can explore and enjoy the lush greenery of Rome’s outdoors.

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View from House ‘O Dreams

Image result for rome, ga river

Aerial view of downtown Rome

3. LIVE Music

Need we say more? Rome provides live music year round! So if you’re a music junkie or even enjoy music in the background as you eat or sip your coffee, Rome’s got it all. The town is the site for annual music festivals, of which include Rome River Jam (Old Dominion performed last May!). The streets of Rome shut down for select months during the summer for a Roman block party which is a FREE summer concert held the first Friday of each month.

Downtown eateries regularly host artists and bands. This makes for a fun atmosphere for hangouts and a chance to experience well-known and new artists in the music scene.

4. Sports

During baseball season, catch the Rome Braves ( — Yes, they are a branch of the Atlanta Braves — playing at State Mutual Stadium. Several golf courses are located around Rome, of which include the Stonebridge Golf Course, named one of Georgia’s top 20 courses by “Golf Digest”.

The universities also extend exciting sports action! Shorter University athletics is home to some of the top teams in the nation, and Berry College also provides a great showing of athletic competition. Regardless of the time of year, a sporting event is always taking place. Rome recently hosted the 2017 ACC Tennis Championships which displayed the top collegiate tennis teams from around the nation.

Rome’s Barron Stadium has hosted the NAIA National Football Championship, NCCAA Track and Field National Championship, and regularly hosts the NCAA SEC Track and Field Conference Championship.

Basically, there’s always a sport to be involved in or to watch when in Rome!

5. Eat!

Image result for rome, ga

Rome is home to almost any national restaurant you can imagine and many local favorites. From Thai, to Mexican, to Greek, to Wings, Rome offers it all. College students can find PLENTY of budget-friendly options as well as more up-scale restaurants for when their parents come to town. Rome offers monthly food tours for locals and tourists alike to get a taste of the flavor Rome has to offer.

Each eatery provides its own unique atmosphere. Coffee shops, bakeries, and gourmet popsicles are just a few of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to study off campus or meet up with some friends, Roman restaurants have you covered.

swift 1

Swift and Finch Coffee offers the perfect study spot!

Local eateries like Chick-fil-a host community events and contests, and many local eateries provide FREE food for those celebrating their birthdays!


Chick-fil-a costume contest held on Halloween.

mexican birthday

6. Historic Rome

Rome has a rich history. Many local organizations honor this history in creative ways. The Rome Area History Museum offers a walk-through exhibit of Rome’s history. Other historic sites on the top of our list include: Rome’s historic clock tower, Oak Hill (the movie Sweet Home Alabama was filmed here!), Myrtle Hill Cemetery (a former first lady is buried here!), and Cave Spring where more than 90 buildings are on the register for historic places and you can swim in a Georgia-shaped pool supplied by an underground spring!

Image result for rome clock tower

7. See a Roman Sunset

Rounding up our list is a definite must if you spend any time in Rome. Nestled along the Appalachian Mountains the hills of Rome provide great viewing spots for the incredible sky displays. Year round the sky lights up with spectacular colors as each day comes to a close. This is an occurrence that is sure to be seared in your memories after an evening spent with friends.

rome sunset

View from Shorter University Building

gap sunset

View from Fouche Gap


10 Benefits of Study Abroad

study abroad students flags

Why study abroad? We’ve got 10 reasons you’ll want to make this a MUST on your bucket list!

See and Experience the World                                                                                         

It might be obvious, but studying abroad allows you to travel and see parts of the world you otherwise might not get to see. Traveling to study during your college years allows you to travel when you don’t have other responsibilities, and it allows you to use funds that are already going toward paying your tuition.


Studying abroad allows you to experience different styles of education. Not to mention, taking classes in another country looks great on a resume!

New Cultures      

The best way to experience and learn about new cultures is to be immersed in them, and this is what study abroad provides. During your trip, you will gain a better understanding for the locals and their culture. Not to mention, you may pick up some new dance moves and try great new cuisine.

                              study abroad- newplaces

Increase Independence

When you step off the plane into a new country, you immediately step out of your comfort zone. This is a great opportunity to discover who you are and gain independence.

Whether you are finding directions to a meet and greet location or buying groceries, you will become more independent in daily tasks and tasks that you can use in you future career and life.

New and Rewarding Relationships

Studying abroad offers the chance to meet new people and make new friends that may last a lifetime. There’s something special about the people you get to experience new opportunities and cultures with. You have a built-in support system of other people who understand exactly what you’re going through, and you get to experience fun, often new things together and make life-long memories.


Network Your Future

Not only do you make great friends, but you also form professional contacts. You never know where connections can and will take you in life and in you future career.

Personal Development

Studying abroad allows you to discover more of who you are. Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing cultures and customs different than your own really sparks self-evaluation and discovery.

Being in a new country allows you the opportunity to adapt to diverse situations and problem solve. Many students return from their time abroad changed.

study abroad map-pins

Global Perspective

Traveling and living abroad creates an atmosphere of learning. You are provided opportunities to see how other people know and experience life differently from you. It’s a chance to learn how countries and people all around the world matter.

After studying abroad, students always return with different perspectives on the world in which they know.

Improve Your Language Skills

Learning a new language is awesome! Not only does it open your lines of communication to more people, but it opens opportunities for you in life and in your career.

Studying abroad and truly immersing yourself within another language allows you to learn and pick up the language much more quickly in comparison to traditional language classes. This provides hands on experience and constant practice to hone your language skills.

Life Experience

Most students never have another opportunity to spend three months to a couple of years in another country, traveling. After finding a career or starting a family, your study abroad experience may be a once in a life time opportunity.

Studying abroad is a unique and life-changing experience. If you take this opportunity to travel, experience, and learn, you will have the time of your life!